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UV Awareness and TEMIS endorsed by World Health Organization? Ipoh truly bombarded with Extreme levels of Solar UV Radiation?

The team of Ipoh Happenings is not playing a cat and mouse game with anybody.

We are just very concerned with environmental issues, something that is strangely taken lightly by many Malaysians not only in the great City of Ipoh but also anywhere else in the whole country.

In the last few posts regarding the subject of solar UV (Ultraviolet) radiation, we had revealed some disturbing indications of extreme levels of solar UV radiation bombarding Ipoh and the matter had already been highlighted to our Malaysian Meteorological Department.

To those thinking that our concerns are baseless, we would like to make it known here that both UV Awareness and TEMIS or Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service (hosted by Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) are UV Index Reporting sites that are endorsed and acknowledged by the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization is of course the official authority for health matters, for all members of the United Nations. By endorsing and acknowledging the UV Index Reporting services provided by UV Awareness and TEMIS, the World Health Organization ultimately shows that UV Awareness and TEMIS are authorities in their own right.

Logo of the World Health Organization

WHO: UV Index reporting sites

In another word, indications of extreme levels of solar UV radiation bombarding the City of Ipoh as put forward by UV Awareness and TEMIS are not something to be taken lightly nor dismissed entirely.

The team of Ipoh Happenings will have more in the near future. Stay tuned!


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