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Petaling Jaya UV Monitoring Station using Kipp & Zonen's Brewer Spectrophotometer


After waiting patiently for 15 days, the team of Ipoh Happenings finally received the information that we had been waiting for from the Environmental Studies Division of our Malaysian Meteorological Department.

For the benefit of everyone, we have decided to share the following email in its entirety;

First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of my director for the late response and I must admit that we have overlooked in responding to your email much earlier. Very sorry for that matter. Regarding to your request on the UV monitoring instrument which currently being run operationally in Petaling Jaya, the instrument that we are using is Brewer MKII Spectrophotometer. This instrument is a fully automatic instrument used to monitor the amount of ozone in the atmospheric column and the amount of UV-B irradiance from the sun. It measures the relative intensity of light in the ultraviolet spectrum between 290nm to 325nm wavelength. If you need more details/ documentation on this instrument, you can refer to the manufacturer (Kipp & Zonen) website at You are also most welcome to visit us at our head office in Petaling Jaya for a technical tour on the UV monitoring.

Mr. Ito of JMA, Japan visits the Delft office to see his new Brewer

Testing the Italian Air Force Brewer spectrophotometer

We would like to express our thanks to the Environmental Studies Division of our Malaysian Meteorological Department for inviting us to take a look at the equipments currently utilized by their UV Monitoring Station at Petaling Jaya.

The invitation is very enticing and we look forward to visit them one day. :)

In the meantime, the team of Ipoh Happenings will study the new given information and we will come up with our responses in the near future. We would strive to seek the answers behind the indications of extreme levels of Solar UV radiation bombarding the City of Ipoh as indicated by UV Awareness and TEMIS.

Stay tuned!


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