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Up and close with Chef Rizal Zamani at Tesco Extra, Ipoh

Yes, Celebrity Chef Rizal Zamani (full name, Zaishahrizal Bin Zamani) is in Ipoh at the moment and the team of Ipoh Happenings stumbled upon him at Tesco Extra (just a few minutes drive from Taman Desa Impian) around 1 PM earlier today.

Working part-time for Nestle

He was seen cooking up a storm, sharing a few quick recipes that can be prepared with Nestle chilled dairy products such as Nestle Bliss (yoghurt drink) and Nestle Natural Set Yoghurt (traditional yoghurt).

Chef Rizal Zamani at Tesco Extra, Ipoh

Chef Rizal Zamani at Tesco Extra, Ipoh

Chef Rizal Zamani at Tesco Extra, Ipoh

When asked about it, Chef Rizal Zamani said that he is still with Taylor's University School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts but on weekends, he would be travelling all over the country to promote Nestle products at strategic locations such as hypermarkets and shopping malls.

Frozen food is the future

We took the opportunity to ask Chef Rizal Zamani about the future of frozen food here in Malaysia.

To our surprise, Chef Rizal Zamani firmly believes that the local demand for frozen food will rise significantly in the near future. Perhaps it is not surprising after all. As Malaysians get more and more Americanized, get more and more dependent upon pre-prepared food, get more and more reliant upon fast food (no wonder obesity is a huge concern now), it would be only a matter of time before Malaysians begin to look for frozen food at hypermarkets and shopping malls. Don't be surprised if one day Malaysian homes have more microwave ovens than hot stoves!

To Chef Rizal Zamani, thank you for the inspiring meeting. :)

Chef Rizal Zamani at Tesco Extra, Ipoh

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