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Where in the world is Siti Nor Ain bte Tallib?

While checking out Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun's under utilized shuttle service last Monday, the team of Ipoh Happenings met a 57-year old woman security guard guarding the area in and around Velodrom Rakyat.

Her name is Normah binti Asinar and we will address her as Pn Normah from now onwards. She is currently taking care of her 10-year old grandson, Muhammad Zanawi bin Abdullah. The sad news is Puan Normah is dearly missing her daughter (the mother of her grandson), missing her a lot! The problem is her daughter, Siti Nor Ain bte Tallib, had gone missing for 10 long years now! Her grandson had been asking for his mother quite often in the last few years and Pn Normah is getting restless.

Siti Nor Ain bte Tallib's Birth Certificate

We went to see Pn Normah and her 10-year old grandson at their place last Monday evening. After meeting her grandson for the first time, we found him to be extremely bright. He is currently schooling at SMJK Sam Tet and we were told that he is doing quite well over there.

Muhammad Zanawi bin Abdullah

According to Pn Normah, numerous police reports had been made regarding the disappearance of her daughter, Siti Nor Ain bte Tallib, but so far the authorities have yet to be able to locate her. The team of Ipoh Happenings was quite speechless upon hearing her story, after all, it is not always that you hear people that had gone missing for so many years!

After comparing the story we heard from Pn Normah with what had been reported at Sinar Harian, The Star Online and The Malay Mail, we found that there is an angle to her story that is not mentioned at all by our local online newspapers. Since they didn’t mention it, it is only right for us to do the same. Perhaps it is for the good of everybody.

Pn Normah is still very much hoping that her daughter will return one day and she believes TV3 can help her locate her missing daughter and we tend to agree with her. She is thinking of seeking the help and assistance of TV3 but she is not quite sure where to start. She sought our help and we at Ipoh Happenings will try to get TV3 to help Pn Normah. We will also forward her wish (her last wish perhaps) to YAB Dato' Seri Dr Zambry bin Abdul Kadir and YB Dato' Hamidah bt Osman.

Muhammad Zanawi bin Abdullah and Normah binti Asinar

In the meantime, if you have any information regarding Siti Nor Ain bte Tallib, please contact Pn Normah at 012-5533705. To all readers out there, we will also appreciate it very much if you could share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else in the social media.

Thank you.


  1. It will be better if you could attach together with the photo of the person whom she looking for...

    1. True.

      Unfortunately Pn Normah had passed the big photo to our local newspapers. The photo of her daughter that was handed to us last Monday was so small, about the size of the photo found in our MyKads. Publishing it here would not be a good idea.

      Note: The Star Online (refer to the link that we had provided earlier) had a sensible picture of her missing daughter.

  2. 1989? Siti Nor Ain had her son when she was only 14 ? O.o

    1. Let's not dwell upon what had happened in the past.

      Let's just focus on looking for the missing mother. Her son is missing her dearly.


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