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Mastering the Art of Flash Flood Fighting at Taman Desa Impian, Ipoh

Here in the great City of Ipoh, there is one form of 'fighting' that is 10x more beneficial to humanity than Muay Thai kickboxing (better than live stand-up comedy shows too!). It is the Art of Flash Flood Fighting and the Ipoh folks at Taman Desa Impian are the current experts.

Since Ipoh had heavy downpours in the last few days, the team of Ipoh Happenings dropped by Taman Desa Impian last Friday to see how the folks there were doing.

View Taman Desa Impian, Ipoh in a larger map

Flash Flood fighters of Taman Desa Impian are doing well!

We arrived around 10:30 AM and discovered that the flash flood at Taman Desa Impian had receded. According to a local resident that we met on the scene, clad only in a big towel, some parts of Taman Desa Impian saw water rising up to 2' to 3' around 6 AM but the voluntary flash flood fighters there managed to stop the rising water level after cranking up the water pumps allocated by the local authorities. By diverting the flow of rising water, the folks here are able to avoid further damages to their homes and properties. Sadly, they have been doing this on their own for a very long time now and some folks here have grown tired and they are not at all happy with the 1Banjir phenomenon that continues to haunt them today.

Flash flood at Taman Desa Impian, Ipoh

Flash flood at Taman Desa Impian, Ipoh

Flash flood at Taman Desa Impian, Ipoh

Our calls to the local authorities

Living comfortably is a basic human need and the responsibility of providing satisfactory living conditions ultimately falls on their shoulders. The unfortunate delay in completing the planned flood mitigation project is frustrating the local residents in Taman Desa Impian and soon some opportunists might use it to gain political mileage.

Do they want to see that happen?

Of course not. :) So please get it done as soon as possible.


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